It all started when...

In August of 2007, we were stationed at Osan AB, Republic of South Korea.  There was an abundance of riding in the local area but the closest of them was an area known as Burak-san.  A routine soon developed of evening rides after work followed by some post ride “reflecting” at any one of the abundant establishments that served adult beverages. 

The club had it’s beginnings after a great late evening ride at Burak-san.  Back then, it was only three of us, Hector “Don Tinkerbell” Contreras, Hyung-jung “Bike Dr.” Hahm, and myself…who would later be nicknamed “Walrus.”  I made the comment over a beer, “…it seems like all we do when we’re not working is ride bikes and drink beer.  This should be a club or something!!!!”  We all had a pretty good laugh over it and I thought that was the end of it.  Nope…several days later, Hector and I are at work and he shows me a website that makes decals.  He had come up with a logo and ordered a significant amount of stickers, which we immediately started placing in the local drinking establishments and on our bikes.  Next thing you know, we were a “club.” 

People saw the stickers on our bikes and questions followed, and then people followed, and what originally started as the three of us riding turned into almost daily group rides.  The club flourished well beyond anything we could have expected and now has chapters stateside and overseas…but it all started that one night in Korea.

So, if you’re looking for a club to ride with that won’t leave you behind or make you feel like a piece of crap for being a “noob” you’ve found your home.