Is this club co-ed?

Yes.  Everyone is welcome!


Is there a cost to join the club and are there any additional fees?

No…we are NOT a fee based organization.  We felt like membership dues were a potential detractor for some and also didn’t want the headache of having to appoint or be a treasurer in order to be accountable for the monies. 
In the event of ordering club apparel or accessories there may be money collected for merchandise but none of that will be done at a markup…simply unit cost as applicable to the specific items made.


Is there an age requirement? 

Yes. 18 and above unless you have an accompanying parent or guardian that will be responsible for you on our rides.  The sport can be inherently dangerous at times and the consequences of an individual’s choice to attempt a section of trail that may be beyond their skill level will be solely their responsibility. Under no circumstances will a ride leader be held responsible for the welfare of a minor in the event of an injury.


How do I get in contact with my local chapter?

Click on the “Find Your Chapter” button on the top right of the screen and you’ll be taken to a listing of all of the existing chapters.  Don’t’ see one near you…feel free to start one!  Just get in touch with us and let us know so we can add your chapter to the list!


Do you have to drink to join the club?

Of course not!!!  That’s just a perk!  It’s just kind of a given that bikes and beers go together, but no one is “required” to drink if they don’t feel so inclined.


Do you guys have a club jersey?

Yes…we actually have had several versions made but currently none are available on hand.  If the interest is great enough, we can start a new design and start taking orders for more. 


What do I need to know to start a chapter in my area?

Basically, if you’re going to start a local chapter, you should be an intermediate to advanced rider yourself because when the newbies show up, they’ll need mentorship…you.  Additionally, you’ll need to remember the two most important tenets of the club which are:  This is supposed to be fun and that we leave no one behind.  Check the “mission statements” section for the basics of hosting a ride.


What kind of bike do I need?  Does it matter?

You need to have a quality mountain bike that is designed for the rigors of trail riding.  Many bikes are marketed as “mountain bikes” but aren’t designed for the abuse that comes from trail riding.  A general rule of thumb is that if it came from a big box retailer (Wal-mart, K-mart, Target…etc.) it’s probably not going to serve you well for very long…and may even get you hurt ultimately.   A bike purchased from a local bike shop (LBS) is much more likely to be suited for the type of riding done with us.  If you have a “big box” bike, at the very least, consider taking it to an LBS for an evaluation and a once over.  Local bike mechanics will know what to look for and how to correct discrepancies if applicable.